pallazo means palace in english, its an italian word.has someone heard of it.what i wanted to know was, is it commonly used in english also, just like some words such as jungle ( hindi word is ), and where will it be appropriate to use it and where not?
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I don't have the asnwer about 'pallazo' but let me ask you about more English words coming from Hindi. I already have some of them here, in this forum: 'Discussion topics' - Topic of the moment' -
Can you add more, please?
i can give u loads of them being from india, will check it out .by the way i wont mind knowing whats the reason for your interest in hindi words?
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I am keen on India. Appart from that I am very interested in English and I like etymology.
We could start a thread about India, sure everybody will like it. I'll open it on the part of the forum 'Cultural differences and similarities'. ok?
any time
I haven't heard Pallazo used in English but knowing English, it could be some time of arty/scientific/whatever word that I don't know about.
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palazzo means a palace, that much i know, but i wanted to know about the frequency and weather if its correct to use it in english or not.
It would be unusual to use it, and possibly demanding of the audience as it doesn't appear in English dictionaries.
i would only use palazzo (careful with the spelling!) if i were writing fiction which took place in italy. local foreign words often appear this way in english literature.

(in the fashion world, there exist "palazzo pants", which, if i am not mistaken, are women's pants with a fairly high waist and very wide, flowing legs.)
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