Last week I read a short article that stressed the fact that some people tend to panic when they feel the weekend coming, maybe because of their stressed way of living, maybe because they have to confront loneliness... I mentioned this article to some of my friends at work and a few recognised that at some point in their lives they have experienced this feeling. What do you think about it? I have the feeling that it is affecting more people than we think.
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I hate weekends.
Why maj?
Weekends should be good days, but it's good that you feel ok on weekdays. See the posistive side everyday, get rid of that hate and that panic! (in case panic is involved too)
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Thanks for your kind comment. I wish I could.
You can.
oh no, no, no another one here. And a rainy one. help!
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But the rain is great! I love rainy days.
Well I also like rainy days but not always and one should have weekends!!!
Some weekends are better than others. This one might not have been that bad, actually.
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