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My light-brown table placed at opposite side of bed, lift my intelligent computer system. Heavy white monitor, with gray protected shield, lies at top surface of table. Merely below there is soft, easy to press keyboard held. Carry several grouped square keys.The moving hand of my desktop screen, mouse, quietly lied over black sponge pad, next to keyboard. Tow audio speakers stand at both sides of monitor like a guard. Down shelve the master mind CPU stand with complicated integrated systems. In front of table I see a small round stool, lied on my livid carpet.
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I am not saying GG to reply and research my whole thread just simply the last post of my paragrph. Whats the grammartical mistakes i commited. Anyways i will post new thread and follow the advice Emotion: smile

By creating a new thread, you free yourself from the person who has been providing you answers and open the question to all members. I believe you'll get an answer faster as you no longer rely on that particular person who may not be around or simply tired of answering question after question.
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