Consider this paragraph:

"A simple buttoned shirt, open and loose with easy pants, makes a comfortable apeal for people to approach and break a conversation. The pink and that odour affirms a personal draw. And a polite voice and a smiles flirts, inviting though reserved at that moment."

a) Is it correct to say 'to break a conversation'?

b) And does it make sense to say "The pink and that odour affirms a personal draw"?


break a conversation. start a conversation / strike up a conversation (idiom)

that odour People do not like to be told they have an odour

affirms a personal draw. I don't know what this means.

You have several other errors in this paragraph as well.



Thank you very much.

By the way, this paragraph wasn't written by me, and I couldn't understand it, so I wanted to know if it was just me, or if there were indeed mistakes in this paragraph which made uninteligible.