I need an explenation what that mean, and what I need to do her.
I am not looking for an answer, but I need what how to solve this question ??
The subject ab out Main Street


Stage 1:

Once you have a topic sentence for a paragraph, begin by making an informal list of details you think will sufficiently illustrate or support the claim you have made in your topic sentence:

Stage 2:

Then choose an effective detail from your list and write it in the space below:

1st detail____________________________________

Write a sentence that introduces this first detail, and then write two or three sentences of additional information about this detail. (If, hypothetically, your rhetorical strategy were description, then you would break the detail down into its component parts; a bookcase, for instance, might be comprised of a couple of items found on the bookcase, a picture frame or a favorite book.

Stage 3:

Choose another detail from your list:

2nd detail____________________________________

Write two or three sentences of development about this detail just as you did for the first detail of your paragraph.

Stage 4:

Choose another detail from your list:

3rd detail_____________________________________

Again, write two or three sentences of development of your third detail.

Stage 5:

Concluding Sentence

Write a sentence that ties together or rounds off the paragraph. Sometimes this conclusion can leave your reader with a sharp image, an important gesture, a pertinent question, or an alternative or contrast to the preceding sentences.

Stage 6:

Now put all of the above sentences together, working on transitions (most likely prepositional phrases if writing descriptive writing) which link the three details together.
I don't know how to answer you.

The steps are very clear and tell you exactly what to do.

Maybe you just need to try.