Hello Guys!
Please check my paragraph for mistakes and wrong wordings.
And tell me, metaphor i used in opening line, can we use like this in topic sentences?
The computer, the caretaker of my studies, lies over the flat table at the other side of my desk. Although it serves as a machine but in my weak spellings and grammar, it works like a life saver. Usually my long sentences and paragraph’s final revision is done by it. A heavy monitor is lying on the top with gray protected shield and some sack of books and a cd stand beside it. Just below I see my easy-to-press keyboard carrying the soft sound keys on it. Two audio speaker’s stands at each side of monitor like high trees surround the valley. The fast-pace mouse is firmly stays [verb is appropriate?] on the top of the black sponge pad, next to the keyboard. Down on the shelf stands the nerve center, the central control processing unit with its complicated integrated system. In front of table, I see a small frail stool resting on my bright carpet’s outer rim.

Check the metaphors as well and if they doesnt fit this way, then also suggest me.
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Thanks Mister Micawber !