The game referee grabbed the burning wastebasket


Your post is not very clear. When you write "Paraphrase", is that a command or instruction? Normally we do not command people to help us with questions. Anyway, what kind of paraphrase are you expecting for such a very specific sentence? What is your reason for requiring a paraphrase? What are you trying to achieve? Please try to write a clear question.


If this example is like the others, then you're saying you want two paraphrases that show the ambiguity. So far I have failed to see the ambiguity in this one.

It might be 'burning basket' defined as a basket to burn things in versus as a basket that is on fire.


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The word 'game' has two meanings here.

The game referee >>> The referee of the game

The game referee >>> The referee, who was bold, spirited, willing to try



A strange sentence. During a game of football, some students, for a prank, place an office wastebasket in the middle of the field and set fire to it. The referee just grabbed it and removed it from the pitch:

- The woman in charge of the match immediately seized the flaming bin


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Clive two meanings

I considered that, and even a third meaning having to do with shooting critters. Cf. venison. Emotion: smile


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