The sentence is - The expectation is that the winners in the arts competition will be announced by the end of the month.

Begin with "The winners", transforming the sentence and choosing between

A - are expected to be announced

B - will be expected to be announced

C - will be announced expectingly

D - are announced as will be expected

I wondered between A and B - I spot B but the correct is A so why it is wrong to write will be expected to be announced
Hello MaXmOuSe

In the original, you have "the expectation is" – present tense.

So you need a present tense transformation: "are expected".

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But we have "will be announced" in the end of the sentence,haven't we ?
Hello MaX

The "to be announced" takes care of that: "to be" + past participle has a sense of the future, in relation to the time of speaking. Cf.

1. This is to be done as soon as possible. (In the future.)

2. What is to be done? (In the future.)

"will be expected to be announced "- you want to tell me that to be done means - future but in the soon future moments - not in the long periods - as in this sentence - by the end of the month ?
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