Hi there. We were given a passage in school to paraphrase and I'm having some trouble. Is there any major tips you can give me? The passage is about a paragraph long. I've never paraphrased before so I'm not sure if I restate some of his words or what.
It just means to summarise the main details and re-write in your own words. It is usually a shorter simplified version.
Please can anyone help paraphrase this article?

Sting as a Sport

We are living in exciting times in journalism. There are 28 news channels giving people round the clock information on politics, the economy and also on what to buy, what to wear, whom to vote for and what the weather would be like in their cities. In a pluralistic democracy driven by market economy, we need all the information we can get to make our choices on everything from political parties to mobile handsets. That's the good news. The bad news is that such channels sometimes run the risk of running 24-hour theatres in an unending drama where the actors are real-life characters. Politicians, film-stars, sports-stars and unsuspecting villagers get dozens of microphones thrust in their faces the minute they come anywhere close to fame, or more often, infamy.

Technology is pushing the envelope each day and sometimes the envelopes are full of crisp Rs 500 notes. Once the bait is taken, the spectacle begins.

Sting operations are becoming synonymous with investigative journalism. They have grainy videos, muffled audios and at the end, that visual delight — the slow motion. It makes rivetting viewing like a great goal on the football field. And the bigger the star scoring a goal, the more lasting the image. That brings us to the basic question — is it sport, entertainment or journalism?

The technology to conduct sting operations has been around for long, but journalists around the world have largely shied away from it. No Pulitzer prize has ever been awarded for a sting operation. The Centre for Investigative Journalism based in
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That seems like a lot of work you are asking us to do. I assume that you understand at least some of this article, so is it possible for you to highlight the parts that you don't understand?

Best wishes, Clive
I really need help too but i mean i can help you if you can help me buddy!!!!
Media is a big term which has several definitions. GENERALLY, media is A generic term for systems of production and dissemination of information and entertainment and of exertion of various kinds of social controls. Unlike a channel which is limited to a contiguous physical medium between the sender and a receiver of communications, media include the institutions which determine the nature, programming and form of distribution. E.g., mass media is the generic term for newspapers, book publishing, radio and television. Other media include the recording industry, movie industry and theatre. All media are associated with more or less elaborate forms of audience participation.
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with every passing day, the world the floyds thought they knew becomes a bit more foreign
Anonymouswith every passing day, the world the floyds thought they knew becomes a bit more foreign

Things become more and more strange to the Floyds.

Please pay attention to capitalization and punctuation.