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Parenting is the process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood (Wikipedia, 2007). Children are a blessing from god, because not all the people can have them. That's why raising them is the most important responsibility. Also, it can be one of the most rewarding, frustrating and one of the most exciting things we embark on. In each generation there are different perspectives about parenting; this essay will discover some of these differences.

Grandmother generation perspective

I interviewed my grandmother from my father side, whose name is Aysha. She is 72 years of age; she has two sons and three daughters. As she said the role of mother in a society is to take care of her children, because they are her first priority. Besides raising her children she prepares food, clean house, doing laundry and sewing. Out side the home, she raised cattle, sheep, and chickens, because they were the basic source for living at that time. According to my grandmother" we were doing every thing without getting any help from anyone; we were making butter and yoghurt from cow's milk". Also the mother played a vital role in raising her children more than the father, because the constantly absence in working. The role of father was limited. He went out to work in order to provide the basic needs to his family. He may not see his family for a long time for about months, whether in trading or fishing. So he spent less time with his children compared to mother. "My husband used to cut wood and goes to the cities to sell it and he uses camel as transportation, there were no cars at that time"(Osha Thani, 2007). The father job mostly was outside the home, unlike the mother. The most difficult aspects of being a parent is holding all the responsibilities by herself without getting help from anybody, especially if the mother was living far away from her relatives. The time was tough, because the father was busy working outside the home and the mother was busy inside the home doing house work. The children were the victims, because it's hardly to paying attention to them. Another example, According to Osha " when one of my children was sick, I could not do anything or give him the medial drug that he needed, because I was living in the desert, which was far from any hospital or clinics". The absence of father made all the responsibility on the mother, especially raising five children by herself. " Thank god, I did not face any problem in raising my children, I treated them equally, so I believe that parenting boys and girls was easy"( Osha Thani, 2007). Both of them show obedience and when she asked them for something they do it without arguing. For example, when she sent her son to buy flour or rice from the grocery he immediately ran to bring it. Also, when she asked her daughter to cook she cooked. Even when she did not ask them for a thing, they know what to do, because she taught them to hold responsibilities since young ages. "I am proud of them, because I raised them by myself and I gave them love and care". The change of parenting is very obvious. Now the couple planned to have children. The woman is delaying the pregnancy maybe five years after marriage. When they decide to have children, they planned to have just 3 or 4, because now mother go out to study or work. And the children if they are young, they were putting in the nursery or with the maids.

Mother generation perspective

I interviewed my mother, whose name is Aysha Hathbor and she is a housewife. The role of a mother in a society is taking care of her children, which is the most important thing. Beside that doing her duty as mother such as provide the basic items that children need like shelter, clothes, food, education and health services. Encouraging the children to study well and tell them the importance of education, in order to be a productive member in the society. Also Showing them how important they are and paying them attention, so they feel safe and secure. The role of father in the society is to help the mother raising the children, so the children feel more comfortable with their parents. Without doubt the father has an important role in taking care of his children, because the mother cannot raise her children alone. Also, his job is not just to work and brings money; his main job is to spend time with his children. "The father who often see his children without excuse is not a real father" ( Aysha Hathbor, 2007). The father must knows everything about his children and what's their problems, so he can help them by solving the problems and support them not just financially and emotionally. Further more, the essential thing is to be there with his children in sadness and happiness times and whenever they want him. The most difficult aspect of being a parent is the way of raising the children is becoming more complicated, because the media mainstream controls the children's mind. " if I will let my children spend hours watching T.V I may loose them"( Aysha Hathbor, 2007). The media shows many programs, which are not related to our religion, values and tradition and that may affect negatively to the children. Therefore my responsibilities as a parent is larger than in the past; it is necessary to watch over the kids in and out the home to make sure that they safe from any danger. The easier in parenting is the girls compared to the boys, because they are quieter. Also, the girls obey to what their parents say unlikely the boys tend to argue and do what they want without telling the parents. The girls are helping their mother in the housework and they stay at home more than the boys. Now parenting is changing dramatically. "The mother knows everything, not like before". They stay less at home, because she is working or studying. The children, especially if they are young spend most of the time in the nursery or with the maids. The most dangerous thing is when the child thinks that the maid is his/ her mother and starts learning her language, religion and values, which definitely can harm the child. The more time the mother stays with her children, the safe they will be.

Our generation perspective

I interviewed my cousin, whose name is Raisa. She is a young mother. The role of the mother in the society is raising her children and offer what they need. Showing them how important they are by kissing and hugging them. Encouraging them to become educated to ensure their future. Provide the happy environment to grow healthy. The role of the father in the society is to help his wife raising the children, because it not just the duty of the mother. Support his family all the time and be aware about everything. For example, he must know how to deal with children to avoid misunderstanding and to strength the relationship between them. Also his role is to teach his children the good behaviors that derive from our religion 'Islam' and our tradition, which he used to. The most difficult aspects of being a parent is time management, because of studying in the collage. Studying takes most of her time away from her children, but she is trying hard to balance between them. " Before I used to go to the collage in the morning tell the afternoon, but now I change my schedule and I go in the evening for only few hours"(Raisa, 2007). She feels more comfortable right now than before. It’s a huge responsibility to be a parent; especially when you are a young mother and your parents live far away from you. The easier to parent; is the girls, because "they are delicate and sensitive". The boys are hyperactive all the time, so I hardly control them. Parenting is changing from generation to generation. Now parenting becomes very easy, because everything is available for us. There are many books, which talk about parenting. Also there are many programs that guide us and give us tips for parenting. Furthermore, children can join a nursery and kindergarten to learn many useful things and form friendships.


I noticed that in my mother generation and my own generation agreed that the father role is very important to spend time with his children. The absence of father may affect the children negatively like ignoring going to school or having bad friends. Another thing is that the duty of mother in each generation does not change and remain the same. It is instinct for any mother to raise her children and love them. Also my cousin and my mother have the same opinion about parenting these days; maids are raising the children, because the absence of mother, whether studying or working. As a result, depending on maids in raise the children may leads to cause problems. Raising girls is easier as my mother and my cousin said; as my cousin said "they are delicate and sensitive".


The difference is obvious special between my grandparent's generation and my cousin generation. In the past the life was very tough, but now it becomes easier. My grandmother; 'Osha' was doing everything without assistance. "I raised five children by myself and I cooked food for them, sewing clothes; there were no tailor at that time". Unlike my cousin, 'Raisa', who are busy, because she is studying. "I am studying and I have two children, when I go to the collage I let my children stay with the maid". Also my grandmother was less likely to go out, in other words she spent most of her time with her children, where my cousin spends less time with her children, because she always goes out special to the collage.


In conclusion, after interviewing the three generations and gathering all the information about parenting style, I realize how is the difference is the parenting in the past and how it becomes today. The main difference is depending heavily on maids in raising the children, which the mother has gave up.

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