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In my opinion, parents are not always the best teachers. In the past there were fewer trained teachers so that parents used to be the best teachers. However, nowadays various teaching skills have been developed and there are many teachers who are educated in the educational field. Moreover, after children go to school they mostly spend time with teachers, not parents. Thus, there are more possibility for children to get influenced by teachers. One recent study found that children tend to learn more basic skills to live in a society from teachers rather than parents. ( I also personally experienced that my parents taught me how to brush my teeth roughly while I learnt the right way in a shcool.)

I agree they are the best teachers, but every child need a new angle of seeing things which can be offered by those who are better than the parents, unless your parents are the president which is a rare case, check out more this from <a href="https://www.rightwritings.com/types-of-friction / ">free essay samples</a>

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I agree with the following statement.

When we were born by them, when we were baby , parents who are teachers from that time, teach us how to eat, walk, speak,... naturally. Parents would be better than teacher in this case.

However, until we grow up and we have many thing to learn out of the family. The parents have to do your job for a living. They do'nt have enough time to teach us as teacher in educating. Futhemore, We can learn from our friend in the school.

In my opinion, Teachers and parents are best parents in each case.

I agree biz when a child is born the teachers who grew them are their parents

Well I love it so you win

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