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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Parents are the best teachers? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Here we go:

Parents, undoubtly can teach and bring their children up as a duty. Some people think that parents in their parenthood, can teach their children better than teachers. Others may argue that parents would not fulfill the job of teachers because of educational methods and knowledge. This essay will look at if parents can even do better than teachers when they teach their children.

On the one hand, parents would be better than teachers in educating their children for several reasons. Firstly, children may strongly believe or listen to their parents because of their nature relationship. For example, a little boy may naturally happily greet other people everytime he meets just because their parents teach him to do that. Secondly, it may be easier for parents to expect their children to obey. For instance, a father can tell his little daughter to get up earlier everyday which is not easy for teachers. Another reason is that children may find that they can only share their personal problems to their parents. The closer parents and children are, the easier parents can educate their children. As a result, parents are ideal people to educate their children.

On the other hand, teachers would do much better than parents in educating children because of many reasons. One reason is that teachers are trained for teaching, with their knowledge and teaching methods, they can help to educate children more effectively. For example, parents may easily find out a math solution for children, but they find it hard to explain. Whereas teachers, with their teaching methods, can find it easy to get children to find out the solution themselves. Moreover, teachers also know how to encourage children to learn more effectively, while parents probably do not. For instance, teachers always explain why children need to learn and tell them learning is an important duty. While parents often mistakenly encourage their children to do homework by a bar of chocolate, or a trip in the coming weekend. As a result, teachers may do better than parents in educating children.

In conclusion, educating children is not a simple duty. However, if parents and teachers can work together to fulfill, we have the right to believe that our new generations will be as expected.
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Throughout all the years in my life , I was infuenced by my parents in many fashions , from the the way of thinking to the trifle everyday habits. No doubt , all of us inherit the gene from our parents and get basic knowledge and norms from them.
I don't agree with that statement!

Marry should not be decided by others because each of person have diffrent situation in their life and these days people do not want to marry and get a children. For instance, Korean people don't like to have a babies becasue of the edcucation system fees and high price of everything for the child. So, Korean men having a big proportion of stress from that. They think, as Korean man, they have to own a house and car and so on before the marrige which is harsh for every body in the world. As you know people like to marry earlier becasue the love, 'love' is the biggest power in the world I think.

As family become better and better, and become best. The one country future will be bright and stronger. At the age 22, people supposed to attending university or college or working. Think about this, if you have a baby and going to school at the same time. You need to listen what proffesors saying and write down, but becasue of the taking care of the baby you will miss that easily. Husband need to work neither wife. This harsh time willl not concern as marriage at 22.
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Parents can play a vital role in teaching children. It's more like planting a tree. Teachers will always be there so ensure the tree grows up well, however, it's the parents who need to ensure that the plantation was good and solid.

I think this statement really has no foundation. Simply why 'of at least 22 years old'? I think there are a zillion reasons for a person to marry or otherwise and age is only one of them, but who can say what is an ideal age as all circumstances are different.


Well, I like your way of thinking. Personally, I am deeply convinced that parents should be the only teachers until the child reaches 7 years old. Why? Because the personality of kids is being shaped until 7 years old and those years are essential in terms of ingraining the most important life values, beliefs and perception of the world. And in case other strange people do this job instead of parents, the consequences can be very sad. And this is the most important period when parents and child should be in a constant connection to establish strong long-term relationships. I know that not every woman from a family can afford to sit with a child for so long, but if it's possible, that's really great investment in your kid. That's my point of view.

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This task is about if we agree or diagree, not to what extent we agree, therefore, I'm not sure the sample totally answer it.

I'm deeply convinced that parents always play the most crucial role in educating children. Firstly, they are the one who truly love and expect the best things happening to their children. Secondly, during their parenthood, compared to others, most people stay besides and have more opportunities to understand youngsters' emotion and psychology. Eventhough the role of teachers at school is undeniable, hardly can any teacher replace parents in the plantation of emotional seeds in the youth.

TracyvnI'm deeply convinced that parents always play the most crucial role in educating children.

Not always. Some are incapable, uncaring, abusive or any combination of those three things.

What are your thoughts about homeschooling?

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