Please let me know if there are any mistakes here?

I remember they were looking at me and smiling and then I told them: “As far as I'm concerned Israel is the nectar and you're the bees. And now a moment before you return back to your “hive”, I want you to remember that very well when you return back, to dance the happiest dance you ever danced, tell everyone how amazing this place is, spread the news. For ten years it was already very important for me to bring as many tourists to Israel as possible, it always touched a nerve with me. All the times I traveled the world, for me it was always important to represent us well and to bring more tourism into Israel and that people will understand how amazing this place is. I... me personally...I'm very proud of what we created here and I always had this something inside of me that wanted to exposed it to the rest of the world. Now, when you ask yourselves “what is this story?” and how you can use it? So, first of all you can use it as it is. I think the story of the hive and the bees is very relevant to almost every one of us, there is that something...we talk a lot about first impression but forget to mention last impression, that's how I like to call it. In fact the last point...imagine to yourselves when you go into a restaurant; you ate, everything was very good and then you got to desert and it had something that didn't taste so good, or instead it was an amazing desert, in the end it's the last taste you have in your mouth. This is exactly the last impression I'm talking about and I think that a good tourist guide knows how to create first good impression, to ace all through the tour and also be aware to how important the last part of the tour is. It has this added value that you can pass along. So, it doesn't have to be this story but I think that each one of us should find his own way to end the tour leaving them wanting more. I personally believe that each one of us need to find his own way to end a tour in an awesome way, at its best. Now, if her or you have a special way to make the tourists have this special experience at the end of the tour, a second before they leave and you want to share this with us, with all the guys here at the... below this clip... underneath. So, this is the time to share. We will be happy to hear about it and in the meantime let's go together and get all the tourist dancing, send them dancing their way back home.

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