Thanks so much for helping


At 2:27- so you know __some words_______ from global investors

At 2:32- kind of the highest caliber _1 word_____ for global investors

At 2:47- you kind expect more _1 word__ so a big part of our investor base in particular is based in Asia.

At 2:52- in Asia so potentially more Asian ____ looking to buy
She says "accounts"?

At 2:57- the domestic bonds __________kind of diverse investor

At 3:04- things like __2 words_____ extra.

At 3:12- It ___ to 2020 so we ______ in September

On the 2 gap, "announce"?

At 3:19- and we always need to give ____ just enough time

Maybe "folks"?????

At 3:33- to add new _1 word to Israel


At 3:39- replicate for purposes of _______ kind of over maybe months
Something with "returns"?

At 4:04- Yes, absolutely the ____ kind of everyone

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