Hi everyone, I have a question about part of speech. It is said that adverb can only modify verb, adjective, and other adverb. But how about in this sentence?

She's definitely the thief.

In that sentence, who does definitely modify? Can I also say "It was absolutely a disaster"?

Thanks in advance
She's is the contraction of she is, so definitely modifies the verb is.

'It was an absolute disaster' is more natural.

"definitely" is the emphasis for the verb and not she nor thief.

I'd say, "It was a complete disaster."
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What about "It's definitely the answer"? Can I say that?

So, "It was definitely a disaster" is grammatically correct but unnatural, isn't it?

Thanks a lot Emotion: smile
"It's definitely the answer"? Sounds ok

"It was definitely a disaster" It can be natural if you use it properly:

A friend told you about a party held by Mr. A a few days ago.

You know Mr. A well and you know he 'always' messes up at organizing things.

So you can say, "It was definitely a disaster." and it can sound better with a tag question.

"It was definitely a disaster, wasn't it?"
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thanks for your explanation Emotion: smile. I got it.