She came running into the room.

He ran screaming out of the room.

In the above two sentences are "running" and "screaming" subjective complements ?
As far as I know they're both present participles modifying the verbs came and ran respectively.
Greetings, Depriya De,

in fact, the sentences you give feature an -ing clause, and this is obvious, but does not shed light on the question. In short:

1. The form of the words in bold - -ing clause;

2. The function of the words in bold - adverbial --- adverbial adjunct --- adverbial adjunct of respect. Such adjuncts are common with verbs like 'sit', 'come', etc. By adding this kind of adjunct, you achieve weakening of the primary meaning of the main verb (that is, the attention shifts to the adverbial).

Respectfully, Gleb Chebrikoff
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I saw him being angry.

Is the underlined phrase a participial phrase, an adjective phrase or a complement ?
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