Could anyone answer and add a revealment to this question, please? Also some short explanation for participles and participle phrases.

Thanks in advance

........the most heated discussion among its kinds,we can easily meet a lot of academicians there from every part of the world joining it.

a) being
b) having been
c) it being
d) as being
e) 1t is
I'd go with c.

You can get some explanation about participle phrases [url="http://webster.commnet.edu/grammar/phrases.htm"]here[/url].

The original sentence is rather poorly constructed, Ulysses-- beware the source.
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Thanks paco2004 and Mister Micawber

Mister Micawber, could you, please, write down a well constructed one of the same sentence?
For the original was written so.

I appreciate your all efforts. Thank you very much, indeed.
It being the most heated discussion of its kind, we meet a lot of academicians there from all over the world.
Thanks a lot, Mister Micawber.
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How about:
Being the most heated discussion of its kind, the forum (conference, or whatever it might be) can provide (you with) endless opportunities to meet….
it has no correct answer. because the subject in the second sentence is different from the first sentence's subject.