In general, native speakers don't put the verb in front of the noun to mean "who/which is doing it now" ("A swimming boy is my pal" sounds bad), though there are a number of specific examples where they do: a crying baby woke me up; a falling tree damaged my car; a boiling kettle . Could you please provide more of those expressions?

VladvCould you please provide more of those expressions?

There are a lot of them, but they are not expressions. Here are 25 in alphabetical order ( I couldn't think of one for "x", and I'm not entirely happy with "v" and "z"): aching joints, barking dog, cawing crows, darkening sky, ebbing tide, fading light, growing anger, healing cut, idling engine, jeering crowd, kneeling mendicant, laughing cow, mewing kitten, nagging wife, opening flower, prating bimbo, quaking earth, ranting prophet, setting sun, tolling bell, unfolding situation, venting volcano, waning moon, yawning chasm, zooming jet.


Here are a few more.

bubbling cauldron, frightening story, sparkling wine, smiling baby, crying baby, gurgling fountains, running water, rising water, bleeding wound, prancing horses, dancing couples, questioning look


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anonymousI couldn't think of one for "x"

ranting xenophobe

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