In the Irish play "Stones in his Pockets" by Marie Jones, one of the leading characters is an extra on a movie. When called to the Winnebago of the female star he has to go through a very scrupulous security check. He then decides not to visit the star at all.

One of the other extras says:

"Don't worry, just go and pass yourself ... let her do all the talking."

What does the term "pass yourself" mean?

I will be very thankful if anyone will help me...

Jakob Højlev Jørgensen

I'm from Ireland, but it's not a standard phrase I know.

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The danish translater suggests that "pass yourself" should mean "just mind your own business", but I don't think that makes sense.

Could it mean something like "just be yourself"/"put yourself in the game" (and let her seduce you if she wants to) or something like that? Or perhaps "put yourself a bit aside"?


I really don't know.

It just seems like a poor translation.

To 'pass yourself' in N Ireland means to make an effort to speak to someone for the sake of manners, sometimes when you don't really want to or can't be bothered. You might go to a wake to pass yourself, or stop to speak to a casual acquaintance.

Marie Jones may not agree with this meaning as it could be different in the Eaast from the West where I am.

Stephen Hill
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Hey guys pass ur self means to express yourself/ indicate yourself
** She was trying to pass herself as virginal**

Stephen Hill, that was spot on. Thank you : )

To be on your best behaviour and be polite say thank you and please. No bad language or dirty jokes.

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In Ireland, and I'm from well down in the Republic, it has exactly the meaning Stephen Hill has already provided above.

Completely different to "pass yourself off as".