An Iraqi in his late forties early fifties walked into a street cafe early Sunday before an explosion went off. Al Qaeda has not claimed responsibility for the attack but is expected to do so in the next couple of hours. This is the second bombing in this week alone, killing 6 local people and 1 foreigner. The local media reported police has launched an investigation into the attack and has taken away the family of the suicide bomber for interrogation. Neighbors and friends, when interviewed, couldn't believe he would carried out an attack. He was known as a friendly neighbor and had a good sense of humor.

Please correct any mistakes.

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the doctor used a medical term when referring to toes
I suggested (the doctor used a medical term related to toes - not sure if this was the case?). Could you help me understand what's wrong?
What I meant was I was not sure if the medical term used by the doctor was specifically related to toes, or whether the medical term could have applied to other parts of the body.
If it was the latter then I think it should be:
Finally, he figured out that the doctor used a medical term when he was referring to/talking about toes.
"but we got some nice work out of it! "? = our digression from the thread has provided us with more opportunities for practicing, learning and understanding. I call that work!!!!!!!
Neighbours and friends said, when interviewed, (that) they couldn't believe he would have carried out such an attack. He was known as a friendly neighbour and had a good sense of humour.

Neighbours (BrE), Neighbors (AmE). Similarly, humour (BrE), humor (AmE)
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