Each group will pick a retriever. The retriever will run to the boat, grab the food and run back to the shore. The rest of the group will line up like an assembly line on the shore. The retriever will throw the food to the first person on the line and it goes on. You will first pick up the rice, then the beans and finally the fish. The fish are huge. If the good is dropped, the thrower must pick it up and try again. The last person in the line must chop the tail and head off the fish before throwing the parts into their corresponding bins.

Are there any mistakes? Sorry for the long passage. Learning individual sentences is tough enough but I think I should also focus on passages because some mistakes don't show up in individual sentences. I think you know what I mean.Emotion: smile

Hello New2,

For "the good is dropped", "the food is dropped".

"Retriever" may not be the best word to use here. In ordinary English, a retriever is a kind of dog:

It has an odd effect, in your context!

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One of the toughest things in English is to pick the right word to use. Some words have multiple meanings and it makes the selection tougher. I know the dog breed Retriever but I never thought it would confuse or make the passage odd. I think practice makes perfect. I really appreciate your comments. Thanks Mr. P. By the way, I haven't seen your post for a while now. Away on vacation? Emotion: smile
Hello New2,

You're right – I haven't been around much! A combination of work, malingering, and idleness, I'm afraid...

It's difficult to think of a substitute for "retriever". But on reflection, it would probably be fine if you were to put inverted commas round "retriever". Then the momentary incongruity will disappear.

Have a good Friday!

Take it easy Mr. P. I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently but am still very lost Emotion: sad
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