"My grand mother passed away" means "my grand mother died".

Then, can I say "my grand mother WAS passed away"?

If I can, then what does the sentence mean?

"My grand mother was forced to die"?
"My grandmother passed away." is Active Voice - the person's grandmother performed the action of dying.

'was passed' is writing the sentence in Passive Voice:

"My grandmother was passed away by...??????" It is written in Passive Voice, BUT the doer of the action -grandmother - is still the subject of the sentence. There is no answer to '...by (doer)' , compare:

"He hit the boy."

"The boy was hit by him."
airy kirkThen, can I say "my grand mother WAS passed away"?
No. To pass away is not transitive. That is, it cannot take an object. You can't pass someone away. They just have to pass away on their own. Therefore people cannot be passed away, not even your grandmother.

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Thank you so much for your clear explanation. Emotion: smile)

I was a bit confused, because many of web sites are saying "somebody WAS passed away".

By the way, my grandma is enjoyging her life. Emotion: wink
airy kirkmany of web sites are saying "somebody WAS passed away".
Really? I don't think they know what they're talking about.

airy kirkmy grandma is enjoying her life.
Glad to hear it. Thank goodness no one can pass her away. Emotion: smile

What about can i say i have grandfather from my mother
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