Is the use of the word "passed" an appropriate or acceptable substitute for "passed away"? There are a lot of people in Rochester in NY who just say passed and I find it odd.
I've heard it a lot, but it always strikes me as odd too. "Passed away" is already a euphemism for
"died" -- do we really need a euphemism for "passed away"?
After I'm dead, I hope people will just say that I've died. "Passed" sounds like I'm just sitting out one round of a card game.
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When my time comes, I will not have bought the farm, kicked the bucket, passed, gone on, slipped away or passed away. I will have died. I will be dead.

Thank you very much.

[My memorial service (about 2 hours, probably) will have glorious music and a great champagne lunch following.]
Does the scene with the dead parrot come to mind at all?