I would like to know some grammatical about Passive Present.

· Present simple: The car is washed.
· Present continuous: The car is being washed.
· Present perfect: The car been washed.

If you can explain that sentence for me and give another explain.

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I understant but I mix my information about those sentence.

you can read up you se the sentence .

The car has been washed ( the mean action finish ) this wrong or right

The car is washed ( the mean action finish like othothe one)


It's 10 o'clock now am or pm ( I don't know)

The care has been washed

your washed your car at 8 or9 am today's morring.

I think this is last question about passive present.

Thank Teacher

hi friend,
Now Im confused tooEmotion: stick out tongue
Keep on posting question, hope teachers will fix them soon.
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i wanna know what are the uses of the present perfect passive.Emotion: stick out tongue.....i hope someboidy could give me some informations...thnx...
May I just remark on "The car is being washed." I just don't think this is properly expressed, as I don't see any idea in using the same verb, "be", twice. Thus, "The car is washed" should be enough. In the latter sentence, "be" in present tense is an auxillary verb that indicates passivum. No need for a present participle of "be" on top of that.