I am doing research on the usage of the past indefinite (simple) tense and present perfect tense in british and american english as part of my studies in linguistics.
I would be sincerely grateful if you could point me towards credible academic sources regarding this topic.

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Hi esty.g.

I'm not sure what you are asking for. Do you want to know the usage patterns of these tenses? Do you want a comparative study between American and British dialects?
It would help if you gave more context - your thesis, for example. There are many many many possible sources and no way to tell which of these would be of use to you.

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I am doing research regarding the usage (occurrency) of the Past Indefinite Tense and the Present Perfect Tense in British and American English.

I am looking into the conviction that in British English there is a tendency to use the Present Perfect Tense in more cases, whereas American English would (in the same cases) normally use the Past Indefinite Tense. It is some kind of a linguistic urban legend that I am trying to confirm or disprove, and have already been searching for literature that would include both: American and British English and their usage of Past Indefinite and Present Perfect Tense (and not only literature on how Past Indefinite Tense or Present Perfect Tense is used in British English or how it is used in American English) - therefore I am searching for a comparison of the usage of the two tenses in British and American English (e.g.: in which cases it would be grammatically correct to use the Past Indefinite Tense instead of the Present Perfect Tense and does this actually occur in British/American English, or does a British or American speaker actually prefer one tense rather than the other and in which specific cases, etc.).

I am particularly interested in finding academic articles from electronic journals, credible websites, or books on this theme. I have already checked many of the electronic journals available on the web, however I am not really satisfied with what I found (I did not find a good comparison of the two varieties of English and the two tenses), therefore I am asking for your help.

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Hi esty.g.
You are in luck, sort of. I don't know that an academic article has been written on this very specific subject, but you can design and execute an experiment to test your thesis.

The British Corpus, American Corpus, and even the American Historical Corpus are texts specifically compiled for linguistic researchers. There is a good searching capability...

http://www.americancorpus.org /
http://corpus.byu.edu/coha /

Good luck!
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Thank you for your help,

Best wishes,

Of course I still invite suggestions of different material, may anyone have an idea.