Today is September 5

September 4: $230
September 3: $35
September 2: $0
September 1: $2,900
August 31: $500
August 30: $1,600
August 29: $1,200

Does that show the trend in the last 7 days or in the past 7 days? What's the difference between "past" and "last"? I know "past" is used to refer to period up to now, but when does "now" end? If "now" isn't "right now", then in some cases I guess using "last" or "past" wouldn't make any difference...

Thanks in advance Emotion: smile
No difference.

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I see, thank you. Emotion: smile
Hmm, wait, I think I have some doubts... I said that today is September 5. You said there's no difference, but is it because I have no value associated to September 5? In other words, if I already know today's value is $470, then is there a difference between the trend in the past 7 days and the trend in the last 7 days? I think the trend in the past 7 days would include today's value, and the thrend in the last 7 days woudn't...
I think the trend in the past 7 days would include today's value, and the thrend in the last 7 days woudn't...
You're thinking way too much. No difference. Emotion: smile

Thanks! But... I'm still thinking too much I guess...
Emotion: surprise How is it possible there's no difference? Anyway, there's a difference between "the last year" and "the past year", isn't there?
"Last year" should be from January 1, 2006 to January 1, 2007, more or less (there are no "standard" limits, I think).
But "past year" should be from September 5, 2006 to September 5, 2007 (now), more or less.
So isn't there a period of time that makes a difference? So there should be a difference in the other cases too. So the difference between "past 7 days" and "last 7 days" should vary from 0 to 24 hours... Am I thinking too much? I don't think I understand...
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Hi again,
can somebody help me understand the difference, please? Now I'm not so sure there's a difference between "past" and "last". Also, in sentences like:
I'm so sleepy. I haven't slept much in the past/last few weeks.
The level of the oceans have been rising pretty fast in the past/last few decades.

I know that the last year is from January 2006 to December 2006, and the past year is from September 2006 to now, September 2007. So there should always be a difference between "past" and "last", and in the above examples "last" should be wrong, but I'm not sure anymore...

Thank you in advance. Emotion: smile