Can you help?

No sooner (had) he locked the door than he realized he (had) left the key inside.

Is it ok if we use past tense in both the places?
vsureshIs it ok if we use past tense in both the places?
No. You need the past perfect in at least the first clause. You can go without the had in the final clause if you want, but I recommend the past perfect in both places.


Edit: Actually, you can do the first clause in the past tense, but you'll have to phrase it differently.

No sooner did he lock the door ...

Even so, I still like the past perfect version better. (Personal opinion.)

I understand your views. Thank you, CalifJim

I did feel that I can go with past or past perfect with the final clause but use only past perfect in the first clause.

I felt so because past perfect in the first clause tells the action was prior to the other.

Did I think right?
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vsureshDid I think right?
It sounds fine to me.

Thank you, CalifJim.