Hi, everyone. Are both fine?

1, I walked a mile before it began raining.

2, I had walked a mile it began raining.


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Thank you CJ. I understand perfectly. Emotion: smile
I couldn't resist CJ. I want to confess that I admire your explanations even I try to learn by hearth your way of answering questions one by one (the method I mean).
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Thanks so much for your vote of confidence! Emotion: smile

I also can't resist.Emotion: wink
CalifJim is my favorite teacher on the internet.
I'm grateful for every help I get, but CalifJim is excellent!
He catch the point of the matter instantly, always!
Among many threads I've read, I especially like his explanation in the threads about "What's the matter-word order."
Thank you very much for helping us!
CJ, do you know any strategies for teaching you want to share with us? I will be an English teacher two years later but I still have a lot to learn. Emotion: sad
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CalifJim is an ultra clever man. I mean he is very good at explaining grammar points to us.
<bow, bow, bow> Emotion: smile

The trick is to have students who are as good as the ones here on the forum! That's the best strategy!

CalifJimMoral of the story: If you always tell your listener what happened in the exact order it happened, you'll never need to use the past perfect tense!!!

For the first time did I read such expression. I found it's very friendly to our comprehension and memory indeed.

I want to bookmark this thread, along with many other very helpful and astute teaching threads. (but I failed to find the "bookmark" or "my favourites" function in this forum....Or, do we have it?)

[<:o)]The followers of this thread seem like a collection of CJ's fans. [<:o)]So I feel I have to add my voice here, 2.[8] How lucky we are having such amazing, uber cool teachers here!Emotion: star

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