I think that Past Perfect Continuous is the most difficult and complicated tense in English Verbs Tenses.

I didn't understand how to use it yet.

Can anyone tell me how to use it or give me good websites to explain Past Perfect Continuous strongly?

I'll be too grateful.

Thanks & Regards.
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should you want much more , you can look at google.

What's the difference between Past Perfect Continuous and Past Perfect?
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Case 1
His hands were black because he had been repairing the car.
I had a backache because I had been digging the garden.

In both examples we have the consequence of an action that is not necessarily complete.
He had repaired the car = it was in working order
I had dug the garden = it was possible to plant the flowers.

Case 2
I had been waiting for two hours when they finally arrived.
He had been working for the company for 25 years when he decided to change his job.
This is simply the "duration form" in a past context.

I hope that's some help.

it is formed by putting had been+the ing form of the verb

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