Hey, just finished this exercise, but was a little unsure about my answers. I'd be grateful if anyone could offer me a little marking expertise Emotion: smile Cheers, Matt.

1. When I arrived at the station, the train had gone. - PAST PERFECT
2. Have you ever visited Scotland? - PRESENT PERFECT
3. Catherine wanted to change her job so badly. - NEITHER
4. When the play had finished, the audience left. - PAST PERFECT
5. Sometimes I feel as if I were living in another person’s body. - NEITHER
6. After I had studied grammar for five years, it all came clear to me. - PAST PERFECT
7. Richard has done some amazing things in his life. - PRESENT PERFECT
8. Don’t be a complete idiot. - NEITHER
9. I’ve worked in Japan for many years. - PRESENT PERFECT
10. I want to go home. - NEITHER
11. I haven’t seen Titanic yet. - PRESENT PERFECT
12. By the time I arrived at James’ house, he’d left. - PAST PERFECT
13. What do you mean you haven’t visited the United States yet? - PRESENT PEFECT
14. Before becoming an English teacher, I had taught as a Music teacher for seven years. - PAST PERFECT
15. I believe that the man said, 'You ought to be quiet'. - PAST PERFECT
16. Martin has kissed many girls. - PRESENT PERFECT
17. Until I raised my voice at them, my students hadn’t realised the importance of the situation. - PAST PERFECT
18. Have you ever contemplated getting a tattoo? - PRESENT PERFECT
19. Amy is completely taken with her new bloke. - NEITHER
20. Chloë was born in 1988. - NEITHER

15. I believe that the man said, 'You ought to be quiet'. - PAST PERFECT Neither

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Thanks Clive. One wrong, not bad I guess! I'm still unsure about the terms, but what the hey! I've got to keep movin' through the module.

Thanks again, Matt.
You did OK. Post again if we can be of further help.

Hi Matt

I have just completed this part and came up with the same answers as yourself, but was not sure about number 15 also. For No 15 I have put Neither.

Good Luck

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