Would you be so kind to tell me if there are any songs that can be used for teaching past perfect? I've been browsing the web but it's really hard for me to find even one.

Thank you
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It is not a common verb tense and aspect. It is seldom used, and I strongly advise you not to waste time teaching it, but to go on to something more valuable, like additional vocabulary.
Thanks for the great advice.
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There's James Blunt's Goodbye My Lover, which brings some example sentences.
I agree that it is not as common as the simple tenses, of course, but I would not say that it is seldom used. I would also never tell teachers not to teach it. I have many examples I teach with on video clips from movies and "real life" situations like the news. I have a recent interview with former Pres. Clinton where he uses the past perfect five times in three minutes.

I'm shaking my head that you would tell someone not to "waste their time teaching it."
"I strongly advise you not to waste time teaching it"

Truly terrible advice.
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I couldn't disagree more with this answer. I would say that it is a very important part of the English language and one that is used frequently.
I'm just curious as to why you say that the past perfect is a waste of time to teach. I believe there are situations where one would need to express that one event occured before another in the past. I would just like to know why you say it is a waste of time to teach it.
I cannot believe you have advised people not to waste time teaching the past perfect. We use it all the time in narratives. Where are you from?
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