Could you check these sentences, please?

1.'We haven't met for such a long time!' Said my friend. 'Yes indeed,'I answereed, and 'we both have grown'.

2.If everybody has read/read this new novel, let's discus it.

3.I can hardly recognize you. I haven't seen you since you left for Moscow. And you have changed so much.
4.They left England when he was still a child.

5.When did you see him last?

6.His health has improved greatly since I saw him last.

7.Where did you spend your holidays?

8.Have you ever spent your holidays in France?

9.While travelling in France I met your friend.

10.Did you take any photos while travelling in the south?

Good job!
#2 has read
[ #6 My preference is to place 'last' before 'saw', closer to the verb it modifies. ]
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I used past simple in the second example as I thought maybe the action finished at a specific time in the past and it has no connection with the present moment.
Should 'past simple' be always used with 'last'? Eg., When did you see him last?
It's difficult to make that generalization outside of other contexts, but it sounds good right now.