Hi all,

In most cases it's clear which tense I should use but in some cases it's really puzzling.

For example :-

1- If I want to tell my friend that I played/ have played football without specifying when or for how long, should I say I played football or I have played football. Please elaborate so that I can understand.

2- I monitored/ have monitored the stock market from 1 p.m to 2 p.m. It's now 5 p.m and I want to tell my friend that: should I say I monitored it or I have monitoed it.

3- It's now 5 p.m, which one is correct: -I monitored it for two hours or I have monitored it for two hours.

I hope that my questions are understandable and clear.

thanks in advance
If you haven't already, Simple past vs Present perfect, Kingfisher. It's a rather complete discussion by California Jim.

thanks for your reply but I still can't not distinguish. Please help me by answering my questions