Hi everyone!

She is talking about other's wrong methods and the methods didnt work. then she said:
"It's time he tried my way."

Why is past tense used here. I thought "it's time for him to try my way" would be more nature.

It's time is an idiom which takes the subjunctive, and it is very common and natural, but you can also say the same thing in your alternate form.
One of the biggest reasons so many struggle with the English language is because it can be frustrating and confusing.

Both ways are okay and used. There can be multiple ways with the same meaning.

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Hi. I didn't know this was the subjunctive.

It's time he tried my way

I thought this was the form of the subjunctive for this kind.

It's time he try my way.
You're right, Anon-- I just meant hypothetical meaning (which is one use of the subjunctive also).
What is the difference between this two form? in terms of meaning?


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You mean between It's time he tried my way and It's time he try my way?

Well, I'm not sure that #2 is good English-- it certainly sounds odd to me. I don't think that 'It's time (that)' takes the subjunctive-- it just takes the hypothetical past. It's time he tries my way (indicative) sounds much better.

The difference between It's time he tried my way and It's time he tries my way? I see little, really. The second one sounds more commanding to me.


/traɪz/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [trahyz] Show IPA Pronunciation ,
1.pl. of try.
2.3rd pers. sing. pres. ind. of try : She tries to be at the head of her class.

I don't understand why you have posted that dictionary entry, reefannie. Could you tell us how it relates to the topic?
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