In fb there is an option of check in. I recently checked into Top of Empire State Building and there was this girl who asked me if I got down from the top yet.

While my status said "Priya WAS with Jack at the Top of Empire State building", she repeatedly started arguing that it means we were there and never got down while I was saying that it means "we were there"(Simple Past).

This has been on my head for over 2 days now. Can you guys help me out saying who is correct ???


I'm a little confused about what your status said, but I agree with you that the simple past doesn't necessarily say anything about the present.

If you were at the top with Jack at some point in the past, you may still be there, or you may have come down.

What do you mean by "My status said X"?

Is this some kind of device which prints out where you are? Sounds very high tech!

Anyway, the sentence you quote says nothing about the present.

Were you communicating with this girl via mobile? What is "fb"?

If you're talking about "reported speech," then you have to think about backshifting.

If you say, "I told her I was at the top," then at the time you told her that, that's where you were.
This sounds like some sort of on-line world. I think you "had to be there".

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Hmmm, if Priya had to be there, why would the girl ask her if she had come down yet?

Had to be there when? While the girl was asking? I'm lost.

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AvangiI'm lost.
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