This assignment was slightly tricky. It is about the past tense questions, and in what context they were used in. I've tried my best, but there were some hard ones to contemplate.
It would be great if someone could have a look at them and let me know where I've gone wrong.

Thanks for the help Emotion: smile

*My answers have been written in 'bold and italic'


Now let’s take a look at the past simple tense. Look carefully at the following functions and then complete the next exercise:
  1. Reported speech
  2. A past state
  3. A hypothetical situation
  4. A present regret / wish
  5. A past habit / routine
  6. A completed action at a specified time in past
Please look at the following sentences, concentrating on the highlighted verbs which use the past simple, and select the appropriate function from the drop-down list.

1. I wish I lived in Paris. - 4. A present wish
2. If I had a boat, I’d sail around the world. - 3. Hypothetical situation
3. When I was a child, I went to bed at 7.00 pm. 5. A past habit/routine
4. He said that he was 42 years old. - 1. Reported speech
5. I visited my uncle last week. 6. A completed action at a specific time in the past
6. France was a monarchy. 2. A past state
7. I saw Shrek at the Odeon cinema last night. - 6. A completed action at a specific time in the past
8. If I met Julia Roberts again, I’d ask her out to dinner. - 4. A present regret
9. I played basketball when I was at school, but I haven’t played since. - 5. A past routine
10. If only I had more money. - 4. A present wish
11. They asked me if I had a light. - 1. Reported speech
12. Catherine adored Robbie Williams until he became too big headed. - 2. A past state
13. What would you do if you won the lottery? - 3. A hypothetical situation
14. Had Martin one more chance at life, he would do it completely differently. - 3. Hypothetical situation
15. Last year, a few friends and I drove to the top of Scotland. - 6. A completed action
16. He asked me if I could lend him any money. - 1. Reported speech
I agree , except for 8 and 14. 8 is hypothetical, and 14 is wish/regret
Very good over all.
4. Many English users would leave the "that" out, but not wrong as written.
9. "at" means at the location, "in school" means attending as a student, and in my area we would say "when I was in high school". (grades 9-12)
14 If Martin had ...