Can we change the underlined part into “they wanted and needed”, because the whole sentence is in subjunctive past?


If I had a lot of money I could buy anything I want and I could give my parents and my family anything they want and need.


I'm not clear about why you think it's subjunctive.


And also, similar question.
Can we interchange 1 and 2?

  1. If I had a son, I would take him to the zoo whenever he asked.
  2. ___________________________________________________ he asks.

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Thanks BillJ.

Because the sentence is referring to the Present of the Future, not the Past.
So, I think it cannot be indicative.

But Subjunctive or Indicative may be just some terminology.

I am just curious whether "they want and need" can be replaced with "they wanted and needed", without changing the meaning.

The subjunctive is a clause type headed by a plain form verb, as in such examples as It is vital that I be kept informed, and She insisted that he tell her the whole story.

The subjunctive typically invokes the concept of 'compliance', as can be seen in the above examples

There is also what is often called the 'past subjunctive', as in If I were you ... , but nowadays this use of "were" is more often called the 'irrealis' mood.

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I see...