1) beat beat beaten


2) beat beated beaten

which is the right past tense of the word "beat" ?
No. 1
Both of these are correct:

beat / beat / beaten
beat / beat / beat
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How about Bat? As in, "his arteries bat against her legs".

No.Emotion: crying


i think past tense of beat would be:- beaten like as in he was beaten up bu the crowd.
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No, 'beaten' as in 'He was beaten' is a past participle used in a passive verb construction.
Past tense of beat is beat itself. There is no word called beated.

Simple present:- Beat
Simple past:- Beat
Past participle:- Beaten/ Beat.

His heart beat against her hand.

His heart had beaten against her hand.


I beat the eggs.

The eggs had been beaten.

'Beated' is not a word.

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