Ok, I have been having trouble telling differences between Past Tense to Perfect Tense. I mean, if I think for a moment, I would actually say the right thing. Therefore, everytime I would speak to somebody I'd stutter not because I have stuttering problem but because I have to actually think of the correct grammars to say. Particularly on have, has, and had.

I am not bad in English really. I just need some tips or pointers on how to say things correctly a little bit faster. I have learned that using Perfect Tense in sentences is more polite especially in a story telling mode. But it doesn't make sense if you are using Past Tense instead of Perfect because there has to be a right way of saying it.

I hope my point is understandable enough. Please let me know if it's all confusing.

Thank you,
Niki A.
Your explanation is clear.

Try memorizing short examples which use the tenses you need, in the styles and subjects you need. An intellectual grasp won't help.

Recording them will help, but memorizing them is vital.

Edit. (Just saw you "edit") At the lower right hand corner of you post are two or three or four icons, one of which is a pencil, placed diagonally in the box. Click on that, and your original screen will appear. After you've done your editing, click on "Post." (You may have to scroll down.)

Aha! you mean you don't know how to edit the title of the thread. Neither do I. Sorry about that.

Well, it's not exactly clear as to whether you want help with the actual tense choices - or just the speed problem.
Sorry I do not know how to edit it. It supposed to be Perfect Tense vs Simple Tense.
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You are right.
I do try to memorize them instead of trying to actually learn them because sometimes after I talk, especially to friends, I would be like "wait a minute, I don't think I said that right". I think my friends understand me enough that literally sentences do not need correction. And plus, blame it on street english or slang.

Edit. I see that pencil icon on the lower right. Thank you.
I just noticed I wrote "memorize short examples." I should have stressed that they should be complete sentences with complete thoughts.
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