please check if this sentence is correct.
He practised hard every day for his test.
Thank you, Wendy
Sure, that's fine, Wendy:

'I have been practicing every day.'
'I will be practicing every day.'
'I had practiced every day.'

The error to avoid is writing 'every day' as one word, which can be done only when it is an adjective: 'My everyday practice was interrupted by the invasion of ants.'
"Practice" is right spelling of the noun.
"Practise" is right spelling of the verb.

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But the word "practise" only exists in British English.
If the student is learning American English, only "practice" will do for both noun and verb.
My American Heritage Dictionary does not even have an entry for "practise".
... and 'practice appears as a 'secondary' or 'less frequent' variant in Webster's Collegiate.
practice with a 'c' is secondary? Wow! That's hard to believe for Webster's.
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Sorry, Jim-- I spelled it wrong! 'S'-form is secondary in Webster's!! Now, I'll go and see if I can edit that post....

Nope, no 'edit' button. All readers please ignore my previous post.