Thought this could also be one of the better topic.,
I got these good words from the very important person I crossed in my life. I never
understood the importance behind, until I realized, I lossed her, my love, just because I do not have enough patience to takcle the situation

I personally feel, if we have patience we could think better and solve better. As a result we comminicate better and which is the solution for almost everything today.

Patience might help to gain our life back. The losses could be worse if we lose it

So, my friends pray to god to give you all patience,
but hurry up


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Though to die is not in our hands., we still have the power
To cure overself or leave it...To have patience or lose em.,

I believe the patience is the best medicine. Mohan is right on this. Only those who have really experienced can accept it. You could be a winner, if you win patience
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i agree with you, but sometimes we realize it when it's too late
we make someone agry first, then realize we're wrong.
but life are full of lesson, lot of it was the hard one
Yes. When someone realize it, it might be too late. Its not that you made someone angry and u lossed them. Its even their responsibility to have patience and not to lose you. Its a give and take policy. Maturity is the one which could make us perfect in this. Maturity comes through experience and that is why it was told that, failure is the stepping stone for every success. If you look at few examples of great leaders, their earlier life would have struggled a lot or hard one as u mentioned, which made them perfect leaders of world

If you take life as it comes hard/soft., You will be a winner


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When you are in a situation that you think you are right and the other one thinks he/she is right and you'll argue and you'll find out that is was you who was wrong, then it isn't the responsibility of the other person to be patience and not lose you but it will be your responsibility to get calm again, get patience with the other one (after all you have accuse him/her falsely).
If you don't want to lose him/her, you have to be the one to apologize and get patience with the other one.
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but sometimes is hard to you to makes apologize.
specially if you think in your heart or mind you're wright.
if you're wrong, sometimes it's hard too, i mean to makes a first word
or step when you try to makes apoligize to some one specially if
the person not close to you.
Maybe it is hard to apologize but realize what you could lose. Is your proud more important then the one your about to lose. Sometimes you better swallow your proud and make that apology. You will see, you'll come out to be the winner because the other will respect you for it. The fact that you are able to do so.
You right (Y)
guess in life poeple (again) must be patience in do lives with their mind and heart
that's will make world in peace (thank's God[A])
proud is important, but more important to have lot of friend in a peacefull world
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