Pattern = recording?


An intelligence official speaking on condition of anonymity said government experts are examining numerous aspects of the recording, including whether it may be a precursor to an attack. However, the official cautioned that such a pattern hold true only occasionally.


Segments of al-Zawahri's message first aired Thursday on the Arab television network Al-Jazeera. In it, a bearded al-Zawahri proclaimed the United States will be defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan. An assault weapon was propped against the wall behind him.

Al-Zawabri is only one in the world. Why wanted to say "a" bearded al-Zawabri? Can we delete the "a"?
(1)'recording' is the taped message.

(2) 'pattern' is the occurrence of an attack after a recording appears. If the sequence happens a number of times, it becomes a pattern.

(3) No, we need the 'a'. There are several visual images of al-Zawahri; this is 'a bearded' image, i.e. in this one he has a beard; in others he is clean-shaven, perhaps, or wears only a moustache.