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Is anyone knows some webs or has ready pattern of case history? I mean ready inerview and phsical examination for GP and/or specialist like surgery, pediatric, neurologist , psychiatrist. I wish to read : the standard questions (thay can be with hypothetical answers or options) which these doctors should ask their patients
and records which should be take into during phsical examination. Maybe anyone has it in the form doc file and can paste it into post.
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From my own experience, most clinics have a basic question sheet for the patient, which will include the basics, such as name, age, sex, weight, address, tel. number, etc; then there will be a series of sections relevant to the condition being investigated/treated. There will also be a space for individual information that does no fit into the above. If being treated, there will be continuation sheets to carry on the information. Each department within a hospital will have its own pro forma, which will be placed on the case-file. The pro forma usually is issued with basic patient information already printed onto it.

Each hospital/surgery/clinic creates its own pro formas.

Are you a medical student? Are you not being taught how to interview patients?
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
thank you for explantions, of course I m a medical student and I can interview patients but I was intereted in how these sheets exactly look like. Do they have any precise choose options to underline or only space to fill by MD, etc If you have any sample sheet send me it please
I see that pro forma = medical sheet for patients, in my language it means when sb do sth for camouflage.
In this context, a "pro forma" is a pre-designed document which is filled in by anyone.

There is no specific format for patient interview documents - as I say, each hospital/clinic does its own. If you go to these, there are examples given: