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It always seems to me that people pronounce "attention" as "uh-ten-chun" /ətɛntʃən/ instead of "uh-ten-shun" /ətɛnʃən/.
Is it my ears that are faulty? Emotion: smile

Unless you're in the military, where it's said "ten-HUT!" Emotion: smile
Most of the symbols you have placed between / / are seen as question marks (???) on my screen. I guess I don't have the right software to pick up those symbols. Nevertheless, I can tell what you're talking about from the other representations you provide.

What you're hearing is sycophantic "t" between "n" and "sh". This is the same as the sycophantic "t" between "n" and "s".

Pronunciation-wise 'prints' = 'prince' = [prints] (I'm improvising some symbols here.)

But between "n" and "sh" the same thing happens.

'attention' = [attentshun].

But what is the "ch" sound? It's "t" + "sh": [tsh]

But that's just what is heard in 'attention' = [attentshun].

You can deliberately suppress the "t" sound, but at normal rates of speed, the "t" will pop up in these positions, turning "nsh" to "nch" (= "ntsh").

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Ah, yeah, that makes sense...

Thank you Emotion: smile
yea i pronun it as ..."uh-ten-shun"

thank u my bro Emotion: smile
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