When we finish our meal in a restauraut, usually we will call the waiter to pay for the bill. What do you speak out aloud when you try to get the waiter's attention and at the same time tell him "pay for the bill"?

Thank you!
Hi Ahava,

It's not considered proper conduct to call someone across a room full of people. The internationally recognised way is to make eye contact with the waiter, flatten your hand with your palm facing upwards, and mime a pen writing across it. Sounds ridiculous, but always works.
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You remind me of a very important fact, it IS bad to call, or speak loudly in a restaurant. It's quite different from being in a pub. Emotion: embarrassed Thank you.

But I still want to know the verbal expression, what if I wait until the waiter comes near to me and I will say...

Please don't be angry with my stubbornness Emotion: geeked
Thank you again.
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Hi Ahava,

If the waiter does come to your table, ask him, "May I have the bill please?"

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Just one small point. You want to pay the bill, not pay for the bill. You aren't buying the slip of paper with the amounts on it! Emotion: smile

In California, we'd say, "Could you bring the check, please?" We usually use 'bill' for the utilities -- like gas bill, electric bill, and phone bill.
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This is really helpful. [*]
Thank you.

Now I'm curious about the pub way of asking for check, the "wild" way. Emotion: wink I've never been to a real pub yet, just curious.

Thank you again.