Hello everyone,

I know that an apple and a banana have a skin while an eg has a shell and a lemon or orange has a peel. I want to have my apple without its skin. How can I express myself? Can I say I want to peel the skin of my apple or crash the shell of my nut? What about orange? Can I say I want to peel the peel of my orange?

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peel an apple, crash/crack a nut
Thank you MH! Can I peel an orange too?
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yes, of course
Yes, and to cover your examples more completely:

We peel an orange / a lemon / an apple / a banana / a grapefruit
We crack / shell nuts. (not crash, in my experience)
Hi Doll
You peel an apple/a banana/an orange.

You crack (or shell) a nut. ('crash' is not used!)
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>You crack (or shell) a nut. ('crash' is not used!)
You can use "crash" if you mean "smash" but not "crack." This is probably not the intent here.
I don't think crash works in any context.
Crushed nuts are often added optionally to ice cream sundaes - at least they were in my day. (I usually declined.)
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