Problems in city life have has been receiving a great deal of public attention in our modern mordern world. Two issues will wil be indicated in this essay, and which is why Ii believe that the government governtment should encourage people to move to smaller smaleer towns to alleviate these problems.

Nowadays, because becasue of the increasing number of people human in the city, the demands for products product needed to improve living standards standard also go up as well. This leads lead to a consequence that their prices for them grow ought to be higher or is not easy eseay to find their stock will be insufficient compared to the demand. For example, when like in the recently the Pps5 which just was released has released, it went has already been out of stockorder quickly even when its the price was not economical. Besides, the crowded crowed city also leads lead to deterioration in the environment enviroment since so much wastes and that also the pollutants are disposed to the nature. Especially in Hhanoi, people even throw put their rubbish in river and make it become polluted, a problem that until nows, the government goverment still can’t solve this problem.

In my opinion point, the encouragement of ecouragement people moving to small towns is urgent. First, we all know that the fewer less people locate in a city, the less demand request they have for daily products, for their living standard which also makes reduces the prices for everything unchangeable and sometimes evenly the cost might reduced or creates we have more more options for us to choose the needed stock. Second, moving people to the countryside is also helpful for saving nature, because there will be less due to the decreasing pollutants discharged that humand give out into the environment enviroment. For example, the government goverment can have has more time to deal dealing with waste like reduce destruct or evenly recycle, recyle which is more also friendly to the environment.

To som up, many problems problem that humans human need to cope with in the city, and encouraging people that why chosing to live in smaller towns seem to be like a logical solutionchoice.


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