People in our office frequently use the connotation "as per so and so this needs to be done" should it not read 'per so and so' not 'as per'?
Hello JOliver

”Per X" is originally a Latin expression. In English it is used in the sense of "for each X", "by means of X", and "according to X". Except for the use of the sense "according to X", the insertion of "as" will be a wrong expression.

  • (o) The number of children per family in Japan is now close to 1.2.

  • (x) The number of children as per family in Japan is now close to 1.2.

  • (o) Please send it per express mail.

  • (x) Please send it as per express mail.
I personally feel the insertion of "as" is redundant even in its use as the sense of "according to X". But actually many people insert "as" in this case.

  • (o) This mail is sent per your request/the law.

  • (o) This mail is sent as per your request/the law.
Hi Joliver1210 and welcome to EnglishForward,

As far as I know

"as per so" means "according to thus", and

"per so" "by thus".

At least an opinion. Hope this helps.
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Thank you very much Paco.