Can anyone tell me the meaning of "per say"? Please put it in a sentence also if you guys don't mind.
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AnonymousIf you are reading this because:

1. You don't know how to spell it.

2. You don't know what it means.

Then, do not use it. It will very likely sound out of place. I had a redneck boss that used this all of the time, and everyone in the meetings would snicker when he said it, because it never came out quite right, never came out smooth. There is more to using it than knowing what it means and how to spell it.

Damn rednecks can't spell, talk nor understand correct English anyway, so....no big loss there.
BUT if English is your second or third language you sometimes have to take a chance in how to use "stuff" or you'd never say / write anything. Emotion: wink I googled per say since I, for the life of me couldn't remember the spelling. LOL. I have now bookmarked this site for references. Thanks guys.
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Thanks...you just "Saved My Life!"Emotion: big smile
I will agree with almsot everything above, except for the one statement claiming it isnt ironic because to me it is and I find it very amusing as a first timer. All we really had to do is go to Dictionary.com and search through the many options that were available after searching for "per say" (or "persay" as was my attempt) to find the one that fits what we are trying to say.

There is no such thing as "per say" because it's "per se" pronounced [pur sey] which sounds like "per say" to the general public.

Here is my example of a usage when sending my friend a rough draft of a photoshop project.

..."but i wanted you to see this, nothing big, i made it in a jiffy (creamy, hate chunky) so its not very "loved" persay, but it gets the message across."

As you can see I spelled it incorrectly out of my ignorance, so thank you for the enlightenment, and for all you lovely people who were all in the same boat with me.

God Bless.
If English-speakers learnt how to pronounce the Latin expression per se, they wouldn't want to transcribe it as per say. The e of se is not a diphthong. In no English word is a solitary e pronounced as a diphthong, so why imagine it is so in other languages? Try removing the t from set.
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in, of, or by itself
Thanks for the post! I too got caught spelling this incorrectly. This is the second non-USenglish phrase that's grabbed me in the past couple weeks Emotion: smile.

And as for not using words that you don't know the spelling of.. how do you thing people learn? Great works of literature don't just "happen".
Thank you!
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me too! "per say" lol
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