Per say?

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Can anyone tell me the meaning of "per say"? Please put it in a sentence also if you guys don't mind.
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Do you mean "per se"?

This is Latin and means "in itself" or "with reference to itself"; in other words you're talking specifically about the subject in question and not about things related to the subject.

"Guns aren't dangerous, per se, however some of the gun owners are."

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Just saying thanks in recognition that another poor sap got some clarity at 5 am by reading your response to this question. Thanks!
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I was just about to spell the term incorrectly in an email at work ( as "pur say"). Thanks for clarifying it.
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Ditto, I was about to use it as well and it doesn't really show up in dictionaries, so thanks again... first google per say and what do you know! There we goEmotion: wink

Thanks heaps guys, keep up the great work with forums such as these

Gareth L from Auckland, New Zealand
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Same here. I was just typing up a post for my guild and didn't know exactly what it meant, so I Google'd for "Per say" and this was the first thing I saw.

Sad part is that I actually took three levels worth of Latin classes and I didn't know that. Go figure. Hahahah

Thanks a bunch!!

-Adam C, Louisiana
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Is per say ever correct to use? If so, how do you know whether to use per say, or per se?
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Haha, and i googled it also. thank goodness for people with good grammer!!
and English teachers for that matter.
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GuestHaha, and i googled it also. thank goodness for people with good grammer!!
and English teachers for that matter.

The correct spelling is grammar. Emotion: smile And for those thinking this is ironic, it's not.
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